A Latin phrase meaning "image of God";

a theological doctrine which asserts that human beings are created

in the image of the triune God.

Imago Dei Ministries is based on the doctrine that all human beings bear the image of their Creator and, therefore, are inherently valuable. 

The founding board of Imago Dei has vast experience serving marginalized populations in a variety of capacities within the fields of education, medicine and vocational ministry.  Their intent is to continue and expand this work with the help of community partners and inter-professional relationships through a holistic approach to care, service, support and advocacy.


The mission of Imago Dei Ministries is to support the mental, physical, and spiritual health of vulnerable populations through compassionate inquiry, intervention, and education.  Our vision is large and developing, but we are beginning to realize this mission through our flagship project,

Street Medicine-San Antonio.  


We believe that in serving others we are serving Christ.  We are excited about what lies ahead, excited to build new relationships in our community, and excited for you to be a part of Imago Dei Ministries! 


With everyone we encounter and in all that we do, 

may we never fail to see, know and love the Imago Dei.


board of directors

 Tichelle Bruntmyer, PhD, MEd

President & CEO

Rev. Joe Barber

Vice President

Pastor, St. Luke Baptist Church

Hans Bruntmyer, DO, MPH


Medical Director, Street Medicine-San Antonio